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domestic a/c

All cables and pipework are carefully hidden so that the image of your perfect room is not ruined by pieces of plastic etc.

types of system

Split Wall Unit
Split wall units are the most common domestic air-conditioning units available. Made up of an outdoor compressor and a modern-looking indoor unit for air distribution. Prices depend on the size of the unit selected. Units can cool, heat and de-humidify.

Split Wall Unit

Ducted System
Ducted air-conditioning systems differ from split wall units because the indoor unit is hidden in the ceiling, distributing the air through ducts in each room of the property. Many new properties have ducted systems inside them but are not completely installed, if you think you own one of these properties contact us now, you may already have air-conditioning and are only a phone call away from that perfect climate!

Ducted System

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Also for your holiday rental various systems can be installed to stop the abuse of your AC and extortionate electricity bills.


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